Monkey Dream Meaning – Top 22 Dreams About Monkey

Did you dream about the monkey? Monkeys in dreams denote a playful attitude that could borderline deceit and immature attitude. Perhaps you or someone in your social circle do not take certain issues seriously, and act mischievously in many situations. Consider the contexts and your emotions within the monkey dream, to get the most accurate interpretation.

Table of Content

Dream About Interacting with Monkeys

Dream About Feeding a Monkey
Feeding a monkey in the dream, points to certain betrayal by someone whom you thought cared about your interest. Perhaps he or she is only taking advantage of your generosity. They will not reciprocate on your sacrifices.

Dream About Hugging a Monkey
To hug a monkey in the dream, points to a spiritual realization that you need more fun and adventure in your lives. Perhaps you need to experience relationships and companionship with unlikely individuals.

Dream About Petting a Monkey
Petting a monkey in the dream, is an encouragement for you to trust your playful intuition. Be less serious and simply trust your gut feelings to make important decisions. Focus on the community aspect of your decision-making process.

Dream About Buying or Selling a Monkey
To buy or sell monkeys in dreams, foretells that there will be upcoming employees and team members. The dream indicates that you do not really care about who is working under you. All you care about is that they can get the jobs done.

Dream About Monkey Jumping on Your Back
Having a monkey jumping on your back in the dream, indicates that you are bringing out a vast amount of immaturity in your character. You are being selfish to the point that you will show threatening behavior towards others.

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