Nuts Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Fastener Nuts

Did you dream about metal nuts? Nuts as a fastener with bolts in dreams indicate that you will soon make a decision about a commitment. Although the commitment may seem permanent or serious, you could always change your mind at a later time. You will be making decisions that will construct and build your overall life. You will make partnerships and relationships to achieve a common goal. Consider how and what you are using the metal nuts on, to get better dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Working with Nuts

Loosening Nuts
To dream that you are loosening nuts, suggests that you are back out of previous commitments in terms of work and study. You are making preparation to exit your current project, so that you could tackle other endeavors.

Tightening Nuts with Hands
To see yourself tightening nuts with hands, suggests that you are overcoming initial obstacles to make new starts. However, you are not ready to become fully committed. You are simply testing the water to see if you are a good fit in the new industry or relationship.

Tightening Nuts with Wrench
To see yourself tightening nuts with tools or wrench, suggests that you want security in an area of your life. You are aiming for a long term commitment or stable relationship. Perhaps you are finalizing the nuts of bolts of certain long term contracts or agreement.

Dream About Problems with Nuts

Missing Nuts
To dream about a nuts missing and your project or furniture get loose, indicates that you are feeling crazy and confused. Someone is annoying and dropping the ball, he or she is not fulfilling their commitments. Because of his or her failure, your waking life will suffer the consequences.

Nuts Spinning Nonstop
To dream about nuts spinning nonstop and unable to grip onto the thread, points to insecurity and disloyalty in the relationship. You and your partners are failing to reach a common ground that both parties would agree with. Certain problems and issues may be delayed without possible resolution. You feel like your problems keep on repeating themselves.

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