Parachute Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Parachute

Did you dream about the parachute? A parachute in dreams represents protective force or intentional backup plans when things go wrong. You have a sense of security amidst turbulent times. Perhaps you expect certain thrilling events to happen soon. Prepare for significant life changes on the horizon. And you are gathering your resources and safety nets that will carry you through the tough times. Below we will list out more parachute-related dream interpretations.

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Dream About Using Parachute

Dream About Deploying Parachute
To deploy a parachute in the dream implies that it is time to bail out a bad situation. Perhaps you are in an organization or group that appears to be going downhill. The dream foretells that you will seek out ways to save yourself first.

Dream About Flying with Parachute
To see yourself flying or gliding with a parachute; indicates that you will take advice from people you consider safety nets. They will help and guide you to safety. Perhaps you do not think that you are making the right decisions. And you are asking for help that will prevent you from crashing your own life.

Dream About Parachute Landing
To see or land on a parachute in the dream foretells that you will successfully resolve your issues. You will be able to work through a problem that requires precision and be emotionally stable at the same time. Try to gauge all situations and make the right decisions. You will be able to fix the issues without hiccups.

Dream About Cutting Away Parachutes Lines
Dreaming that you are cutting off the lines after using parachutes; suggests that you will soon abandon old ideas or habits. Some of your past strategies might not apply anymore because you have reached a new environment.

Dream About Parachute Jump
Dreaming about doing a parachute jump suggests that you will take calculated risks regarding parts of your life.

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