Pig Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Pigs

Did you dream about pigs? To see a pig in your dream symbolizes gluttony, greediness, stubbornness, and dirtiness, depending on the context. Dreams regarding pigs can relate to how you perceive pigs in your waking life. They also reflect how they interact with you within your dream. They may symbolize a particular lifestyle or person that exhibits qualities of greed and selfishness. Find out complete interpretations about pigs in dreams.

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If you like pigs and think that pigs are cute, then your dream about a fat dirty pig represents your misconceptions about certain things. What you believe and what is reality may be two different things.

Dream About Interactions with Pigs

Dream About Killing or Pig Slaughtering
Slaughtering a pig in a dream is a positive sign that your hard work can pay off shortly. However, it can also typically suggest some form of sacrifice. You may be willing to let go of one or a few of your projects to reap the rewards that they offer.

Dream About Feeding Pigs
Feeding or giving food to pigs symbolizes the actions that you are taking to ensure your success. Pay attention to the type of pigs and the context of where you feed. Those might be the area that worth the most of your attention during waking life.

Dream About Different Parts of Pigs

Pig Head

A pig’s head or the face part in the dream symbolizes some form of a call to action. Try to remember the context and actions you took during the dream of a pig’s head in focus. If the pig’s head is on a silver platter, it can suggest that the reward is within arm’s reach. You have to make the call and act upon the plan. If the pig’s head is full of blood and dismantled, it may suggest that your plans might get messy once you act upon them.

Dream About Pig Ear
Seeing or eating a pig’s ear in a dream represents that you have a higher chance of other people fooling or cheating. Be careful about listening and following other people’s advice.

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