Pillow Dream Meaning – Top 23 Dreams About Pillow

Did you dream about pillows? Pillow in dreams represents relaxation, comfort, and easy. Take it easy on yourself instead of pushing yourself too hard. Pay attention to how you are interacting and using the pillow in a dream. Think about the quality and conditions of the pillows to get better ideas on how they could relate to your waking life. Consider how you are resting your body on the pillow such as your neck, arms, or legs to get the ideas.

Table of Content

Dream About Action Towards Pillow

Getting Pillows

Buying Pillow
Buying pillows that match your mattress in dreams; foretells financial wellness that you will bring to make your personal life more comfortable and enjoyable. You will be able to save more money for yourself and your family in the near future.

Filling Pillow with Cotton or Feather
To fill a pillow with feathers or cotton, foretells that you will save money in the near future. You will use this money to make your life more fulfilling and comfortable.

Using Pillow for Comfort

Lying on Pillow
Dreaming that you are lying on a pillow, represents your desire to find support and comfort in real life. Perhaps you need to rely on someone in order to achieve your goals.

Hugging Pillow
To dream that you are hugging a pillow, indicates that you are feeling lonely. Perhaps you are thinking about being with people that you have been in the past such as ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend.

Having Fun with Pillows

Having a Pillow Fight
A pillow fight or pillow war in the dream suggests that you are in need of mental support and constructive criticism. You wish for people to wake you up with something exciting, but not to the point of hurting you. You will enjoy certain interactions with the people around you.

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