Plague Dream Meaning – Top 8 Dreams About Plague

Did you dream about the plague or pandemic event? The dream can reflect real-world situations such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It could relate to your fears of contracting the disease or the consequences of sickness. However, the dream can reflect broader issues in your life. Below we will help you interpret plague dreams that align with deeper meanings.

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Dream About Different Plagues

Plague of Locusts or Insects
To see a plague of grasshopper locusts or other insects like bees or ants; forewarns that your life will be turned upside down by angry crowds. These rioting mobs can have different types of motives that relate to greed, territorial, and even revenge. Prepare for ways to protect your own safety and belongings.

Plague of Frogs
To have a frog plague in the dream; reflect your feelings about other people being hopelessly impossible to help. People are multiplying and duplicating their problems endlessly. You are worried that you will be drawn to become one of the frogs or zombies. In a sense, all of the people’s problems look similar in nature. But you are unable to help anyone.

Black Plague or Bubonic Plague
The black plague or bubonic plague in the dream is the harbinger of evil. Dream portends illness and treacherous friends and influences. People will act like fleas who will draw you into bad vices. These flaws will have a major impact on your life. In addition, in turn, you will also impact others and draw others into your hopeless lifestyle.

Rat Plague
To witness a rat epidemic in the dream; denotes disappointing returns in business and life. Particularly, many of your customers and clients will take advantage of you. Others will try to maneuver your plans and protections. Penetrate your business for their own personal gains.

Dream About Plague or Pandemic Contexts

Plague Mask
A plague mask in the dream points to your showing of self-righteousness. You believe that you are better than others. You aim to keep it that way by distancing yourself from other people. Deep down, you believe that you could help others recover from the disease or unhealthy thoughts if you try hard enough.

Plague Doctor or Plague Nurse
To dream about a plague doctor or plague nurse; forebode there is widespread rumors and gossip within your life. You will have to try hard to give people help and sound advice. The virus of the mind is spreading like wild fire.

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