Poison Dream Meaning – Top 24 Dreams About Poison

Did you dream about poison? It points to something negative in your life. It does not have to be obvious. Yet it is causing you sickness and distress. You find your life-force continuous drains away. Watch out for the negativity that plagues your mind and body. Take note of the type of poison that you see in the dream. Below we will help you discover the specific poison dream meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Consuming Poison

Being Poisoned
To dream that you are being poisoned by something; suggests you are learning or getting something that is harmful to your well-being. Something is contaminating and polluting your life. Perhaps a relationship or environment that you have is unhealthy. Consider keeping your distance from the negativity.

Eating and Drinking Poison by Accident
Dreaming that you eat or drink poison by accident; suggests that a harmless habit might end up harming you. Perhaps something small or a side hustle might snowball and become detrimental to your life.

Death By Poison
Seeing you die in the dream by poison; suggest that some harmful feelings will cause you to sabotage your life. Look out for jealousy, bitterness, or pride get the best part of you.

Taking Poison Pill
To see yourself taking a poison pill or medicine to fight off something else; suggests that you will intentionally fail to get out of responsibilities. You are intentionally making mistakes or looking bad. So that others like your boss will not choose you for certain tasks or jobs.

Vomiting Food Poisoning
To dream that you get food poisoned and vomiting in the toilet; forewarns that you will make a bad financial decision in the near future. This decision will upset your stomach and well-being. Think twice to make sure that your actions and decisions are sound. Plenty of losses are coming in the future.

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