Pollution Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Pollution

Did you dream about pollution? Pollution in dreams relates to the negative consequences of your past decisions. You are suffering from certain consequences because you want to achieve certain goals. You were ready to sacrifice your well-being for certain short term gains. The dream forewarns that you might soon be paying the prices. Below we will help you interpret pollution dreams in more detail.

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Dream About Different Types of Pollution

Dream About Land Pollution
To see land pollution or pile-up of trash; it indicates that your bad and negative habits in the past are piling up. Perhaps you are letting small mistakes like parking tickets or other banking penalty fines to add up. Watch out for the fees that add up that will impact your life greatly.

Dream About Water Pollution
Water pollution in rivers or lakes in the dream relates to the contamination of the mind and emotions like acid. People in waking life might be trying to gas light you. They will misdirect your thoughts and emotions. Watch out for getting slowly poisoned by other people’s ill doings.

Dream About Radioactive Pollution
To dream about nuclear material leak that causes radioactive pollution fallout; it suggests that you will be hurt and land in a toxic environment. Watch out for major shifts in your life caused by accidents.

Dream About Noise Pollution
Dreaming about noise pollution relates to the proliferation of opinions. Perhaps you are reading and listening to many opinions on social networks or the internet. These distractions are prohibiting you from focusing on the important things. Try to draw out the noises to regain your focus.

Dream About Air Pollution or Smog
Air pollution with smog or smoke in the dream relates to problems with the atmosphere and environment. Your family or workplace might lead to illness, disease, and even war. You are recovering from previous decisions or actions that cause bad air.

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