Protractor Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Protractor

Did you dream about protractors? To dream about a protractor tool, implies that you need to look at things from someone else’s angle. Try to understand other people’s perspective and put yourself in their shoes. There are slight differences in your opinions and how you view certain issues. Pay attention to how you are using the protractor in the dream to get better meanings.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting Protractor

Buying Protractor
Buying a protractor in the dream; suggests that you are trying to buy more time or get an extension about something. You want other people to be compassionate with you and relate to your situation. So that they would understand more about what you are experiencing.

Dream About Using Protractors

Measuring Angle with Protractor
To measure an angle with a protractor; suggests that you need to find out why other people have a strong opinion about something. Perhaps you have an issue understanding where they are coming from and their past. Try to learn more about their stories before you make a judgment.

Drawing Angled Lines with Protractor
Dreaming that you are drawing specific angled lines for math geometry homework or engineering drafting; suggests that you want to achieve satisfactory compromise in your studies. You are trying to find a solution that is good enough for your project at hand.

Drawing Circle with Protractor
To dream that you are drawing a circle with a protractor; suggests that you are going in circles in your life. You are taking the same resources and perspectives about things. And end up making the same decisions that lead you to the same place. Your current rut or routine behavior is a result of your consistent attitude.

Dream About Problems with Protractors

Broken Protractor
To dream about a broken protractor, portends that you will miss the point about something. You might totally misunderstand an important issue.

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