Puppet Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Puppet

Did you dream about puppets? Puppets in the dream suggest that people are not willingly acting in a certain way. He or she is either being controlled by others. Or they are hiding behind a costume and mask. Be careful about the people whom you meet in the near future if you dream about puppets. Watch out for hidden agendas. Your new friends or acquaintances are not really authentic. Below we will go over more puppet related dream interpretations.

Table of Content

Dream About Handling Puppets

Making Puppets
To see yourself making a puppet with wood, fabric, or metal in the dream; indicate that you are trying to make others feel good about something. However, deep down you think your actions and words are fake. But you are doing whatever you can to appease others.

Carrying a Puppet
To see yourself carrying a puppet in the dream; foretells that you will need to outsource or delicate work to others. Get other people to do your dirty work. You will need full control of the situation. You want no one to question your commands.

Controlling a Puppet
To see yourself controlling puppets with strings or remotes; suggests that you are “pulling the strings” behind the scenes. You are getting things done without people knowing that you are behind. You are the mastermind. Making certain events and situations possible.

Dream About Watching Puppets

Puppet Master Man or Marionette Puppeteer Man
To see a marionette puppeteer or puppet master; indicates that you are manipulating or being manipulated. External influences are affecting your thoughts and actions. People are programming you for their own benefits. Be aware of vices like drug use or gambling addiction controlling your moves.

Puppet Show
To be an audience in a puppet show or concert in the dream; suggests that you are being willfully manipulated or ignorant. You accept whatever propaganda that others are presenting to you. You lack critical thinking skills. Fall into all the lies and conspiracy theories.

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