Purse Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Purse

Did you dream about purses? Purse in dreams relates to a sense of identity, secrets, and assets. The content of the purse is often important and closely held, and guarded. The purse relates to your most important items and fears that you keep close to you. It could relate to your state of mind and feelings. Below we will note the most important purse-related dreams. Find what purse could mean to help you determine how to interpret the dreams.

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Dream About Actions with Purse

Dream About Buying a Purse
To buy or shop for a purse within the dream; suggest that you are undergoing changes that add to who you are as a person. These new changes would affect how you deal with or look at money in general. For example, the purse dream may reflect a career or job change where your salary can be adjusted up or down. To shop for a more expensive purse in the dream would mean that a promotion is in sight. You might soon have more responsibilities.

Dream About Finding a Purse
Finding a random stranger’s purse in the dream relates to soul searching, resulting in new gifts or strength. You might be adding skills or additional interests or hobbies that strengthen who you are. You will soon achieve and find a renewed sense of yourself and your ego. If you find your own lost purse in the dream, it suggests that you are picking up old habits or identities that you have long forgotten.

Dream About Reaching Inside a Purse
To dream about someone reaching inside your purse symbolizes unwanted sexual advances that you may have encountered in the past. In this case, the purse may symbolize the female genitalia and the womb.

Dream About Missing Wallets and Purses

Dream About Losing a Purse
Dreaming of losing a purse denotes a loss of self-identity and control. You may be going through a life-changing event. It is taking away your self-identity, such as getting laid off or divorced. If you leave a purse intentionally, it suggests that you are letting go of a part of you that you have valued in the past.

Dream About Can’t find Purse.
If the dream focuses on finding a misplaced or missing purse, consider your emotions within the dream to help you interpret the circumstances. Were you worried about where your purse was, or did you know the areas where to look? Trying to find a misplaced purse reflects your worries and fears about your financial security in waking life. The dream is reflective of how you feel about your wealth and how you are placing your assets.

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