Puzzle Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Solving Riddle

Did you dream about puzzles? Puzzles in the dream represent mental challenges or problems that you need to solve in waking life. You have certain subtle clues that you must put together to see the full picture. Below we will go over more specific puzzle-related dreams. These interpretations will help you with how they could relate to your waking life.

Table of Content

Dream About Word Puzzles

Dream About Riddles
To dream about riddles that have you guessing, suggests that people around you will offer you subtle clues. Consider the interpretation of their hidden intentions and meanings. Perhaps the people around you are not saying what they want directly, you will have to guess the final answer.

Dream About Logic Puzzle
Dreaming about logic puzzles, indicates a need for you to use your analytical skills in waking life. The answers do not appear straight to you. Break issues apart, and find ways to optimize. The key is to figure out what everyone’s needs and wants for you to succeed.

Dream About Crossword Puzzle
Dreaming about crossword puzzles, indicates that you need to read between the lines. Things that other people say may have crossed meaning.

Dream About Game Puzzles

Dream About Chess Puzzle
A chess puzzle in the dream, represents certain paths that you need to take to achieve your goals. Perhaps you know what you need to achieve, but you are uncertain of how to get there.

Dream About Room Escape Puzzle
To dream about a room escape puzzle is a sign that you face a mental challenge. You will need to use the resources around you to get out of a situation.

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