Rabbit Dream Meaning – Top 20 Dreams About Rabbits

Did you dream about rabbits? To see a rabbit, hare, or bunny in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. Pay attention to the type of bunnies that appear in the dream. Consider their actions and interactions towards you, and finally, the surrounding area of the bunnies. Below we will go over more rabbits related dream interpretations.

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Dream About Your Actions Towards the Rabbit or Bunny

Catching a Bunny
Consider the actions that you are taking to capture a bunny or a rabbit. They may offer you important clues for you to achieve your success. For example, if you are setting a bunny trap in the dream, it can reflect careful planning and patience in your endeavors.

Chasing after a Bunny
To chase after a bunny in the dream suggest that you are going to fleeting happiness. If a bunny escapes your attempt to capture it, it indicates that your efforts will be fruitless. It can also suggest that you do not have a good plan to achieve your goals and success.

Killing a Rabbit
To kill a rabbit in a dream suggests that you will be the center of potential conflicts. You will initiate inappropriate behavior and fights that can hurt your reputation.

Eating a Rabbit
The dream about eating a rabbit can suggest that you are taking advantage of someone close to you, while the person is unbeknownst to your actions.

Dream About Rabbit Actions

Rabbit Running
To dream about a rabbit running away to escape or hide; suggests that you need to be more confident about your surroundings.

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