Rat Dream Meaning

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Did you have a dream about a rat? While we may not always think of rats as positive animals to see, understanding the meaning of a rat in a dream can help you understand your life better.

What Does it Mean to Dream About a Rat?

Dreaming about rats and what it means to you will all depend on your own personal feelings and associations towards rats. Someone who likes rats and keeps a rat as a pet is going to have a very different feeling about rats than someone who sees them as dirty rodents and dangerous!

In understanding what this dream means, it’s important to learn about all the different meanings and then identify what really resonates with you most. What matches the mood of the dream? Often times what feels right is your intuition nudging you into understanding the true meaning of whatever it is you dream about.

We associate rats with a number of different traits and characteristics. Some of these things are good – other things may not be so positive!

Intelligence & Problem Solving

Rats are very intelligent, and so in our dreams it can sometimes be a symbol of needing to use logic or cleverness to help us with a situation. It can mean we must tap into our own intuitive wisdom on solving problems rather than relying on others.

This dream symbol can also mean that you need to be quick-thinking and resourceful. You may need to act quickly in order to not miss an opportunity.

This dream symbol can also remind us to be resourceful in problem-solving. Being able to identify what you need and to be able to go after it will help you achieve what you desire in life.

Lack of Trust

In many movies and stories that feature these animals, we often see them as being portrayed as the bad guys. They are often viewed as being manipulative.

Sometimes these rodents will appear in our dreams to remind us that we can’t always trust someone or something in a situation. Is there anything in your life right now that does not seem to be fair to you? Do you feel as if someone is trying to trick you or take advantage of you?

For example, if you are in real life working on a business deal and you are not sure about the person you are about to do business with – a dream of a rat could be a sign to pay attention to your own true gut feelings and to be careful of people who may not do what they promise.

The Pack Rat

The expression “pack rat” is used when someone has a tendency to hoard things. Dreaming of these animals could be a manifestation of your own feelings towards clutter and having too much stuff.

Many people who are trying to clean up and get rid of things they don’t need anymore will occasionally dream of these animals as a symbol of their pressing desires to clean things up.

Common Dreams About Rats & Their Meanings

Now that we understand some of the characteristics of rats, we can start to think about the different ways they may appear in our dreams and what it can mean. Learning How to Interpret Your Own Dreams can be useful for you in understanding the meaning of these different dreams interpreted.

A White Rat

Dreaming of a white rat in many cases is a symbol of trust and honesty. Pay attention to the overall mood of the dream – did you feel any feelings of distrust, uncertainty or anxiety? Someone in your life may not be telling the whole truth, or you may have some apprehension about a situation. Occasionally, this dream symbol can also mean you do not trust yourself to do the right thing.

Being Chased by Rats

Dreaming of being chased can mean you feel overwhelmed by something, unable to escape. See the meaning of being trapped in a dream, as this is very similar in meaning.

Dreaming About A Giant Rat

Dreaming of a giant or large rat means that problems have become too large to continue to ignore. It is time to confront and face your challenges in life.

A Lab Rat

You may feel like you are under the scrutiny or control of another person. You may be concerned that others are not being fully transparent in their true motives.

Can a Rat Be a Spirit Animal?

Many people see rats as rodents and pests – which of course we do not exactly attribute to positive qualities or being very spiritual! However, the rat can appear in your life to give you some guidance and wisdom, and often times we can learn something from the positive qualities of these animals.

The rat is also a Chinese Zodiac Symbol, which is worth noting and learning more about. This zodiac sign often suggests those who are born of this year are excellent at learning new skills and being able to solve problems. They have a keen sense of judgement and are able to make decisions easily.

Did you have a dream about a rat you would like to learn more about? Tell us your experiences with your dreams and what you think they might mean in the comments section below!

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