Remote Dream Meaning – Top 7 Dreams About Remote Control

Did you dream about remotes? To see a remote control in the dream indicates certain actions are buttons that someone can push. Perhaps you or others have certain pet peeves or ideals that people must follow. You crave the ways to change outcomes and choices that will suit your own personal needs. And you wish to remove anything that you do not like. Below are more detailed dream interpretations about remotes.

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Dream About Others Controlling You by Remotes

Dream About a Remote Controlling You
To dream that a remote is controlling you; indicates that you are in a relationship or situation that is too controlling. You are unable to act or behave freely in a certain way. Others try to manipulate you even when they are not next to you.

Dream About Using Remote Controls

Dream About Pushing Buttons on Remote Control
To dream that you are pushing buttons on the remote control indicates that you may be too controlling. If you are randomly pushing the remote control button in the dream, it suggests that you are controlling. You constantly change your mind about how others should act. This leads to confused actions and goals in waking life.

Dream About Unable to Find Remote Control
Dreaming that you cannot find or lose the remote control; suggests that you will lose a very integral part of your control in waking life. Perhaps a certain incentive or motivation no longer works. And you will not be able to encourage or manipulate others towards your goals.

Dream About Remote Control Without Battery or Power
Using a remote control that is out of power or battery; indicates you lack energy trying to persuade people or pushing things your way. You might really want someone or something to happen a certain way. But you do not have the resources and power to make it happen. Reconsider your approach and recharge as necessary, and your vision may come at the end.

Dream About Broken Remote Control
A broken remote control is a bad omen; it foretells that you will lose the power of control over people around you and your environment. You will feel powerless to change anything that you dislike. And others will suggest you settle and compromise with what you have been provided.

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