Rice Dream Meaning – Top 43 Dreams About Rice

Did you dream about rice? Rice in dreams typically symbolizes success, prosperity, luck, stability, and fertility. However, depending on how you perceive and consume the rice in the dream, you may have different rice dream contexts and interpretations. Below we will go over all the common rice dream scenarios. This interpretation will help you understand how they could mean and foretell your waking life.

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Dream About Getting Rice

Dream About Receiving Rice
Dreaming about receiving rice from someone indicates that someone will soon offer you an employment or business opportunity or deal. The dream indicates that the deal or proposal will not be elaborate or luxurious. But you will be able to derive decent life-sustaining income.

Dream About Buying Rice
To buy raw rice grain in the dream; is an indication that you should only spend your money on things necessary for life. Avoid buying luxurious items that do not contribute to your family’s minimum survival needs. Although you are in a situation where you have enough resources, spending them on the right things will propel you a long way and make a good living.

Dream About Buying Cooked Rice
Buying cooked and tasty rice in the dream is a sign that you crave a happy and fulfilled home life. Perhaps you do not feel that your current family and home have contentment and warmth. And you crave such happiness and wish for some quick and easy ways to achieve it.

Growing Rice

Dream About Planting Rice
To plant and grow rice seedlings symbolize your need for patience in your projects. Perhaps you are entering and go full speed into things too quickly and expect results right away. Instead, consider giving people and your business endeavors more time before you could see positive progress and results.

Dream About Rice Field or Farm
Dreaming about rice paddy, rice fields, or farms; is indicative that you are on the right track to achieving your goals of prosperity and fertility. However, be careful about not forgetting who or what has made your success. Be grateful for your own hard work as well as other people’s assistance.

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