Saliva Dream Meaning

Did you dream about saliva? It points to sexual and sensual appetites. It could also relate to interpersonal communication.

Dream About Overflowing Saliva
To see yourself have saliva dripping out of your month; suggests that you are hungry about something. You are losing control either physically or emotionally.

Dream About Spitting Saliva
It suggests that you are harvesting your creative energy. Eliminate some inner conflicts that torture you. Perhaps you need to clean your conscience about certain desires that have been bothering you.

Dream About Animal Saliva
Consider the types of animals with flowing saliva. Carnivores like wolf or lion saliva could relate to feelings of aggression. You will soon be taken advantage of.

Herbivores saliva like goat or cow; denote personal and spiritual hunger.

Please note that we will soon expand on this saliva dream meaning to become even more detailed. Please check back later!

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