Scissors Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Scissors

Did you dream about scissors? Dreaming about using scissors, foretells some type of important control and decisiveness in waking life. You will choose to cut out or rid of something. Perhaps you are removing unwanted connections and relationships. Consider how and why you are using the scissors in the dream, and the condition of it to get better dream meanings. The items that you are cutting the scissors with, can offer important clues about your subconscious.

Table of Content

Dream About Getting Scissors

Finding Scissors
Finding scissors in the dream, foretells that you will soon be forced into a situation that you will need to divide up your time and attention. Perhaps you will soon have to make difficult choices between family, work, and school.

Dream About Using Scissors

Doing Haircut with Scissors
To dream that you are cutting your own hair or as a barber with scissors; suggests that you will make important decisions to relieve yourself from stress and worries. You are trying to get a new perspective and stop worrying about past events.

Sharpening Scissors
To dream that you are sharpening scissors with a grinder; indicates that you need to work on your communication skills to close deals and contracts. Be more direct with people about your expectations.

Dream About Getting Hurt with Scissors

Killing and Stabbing with Scissors
To dream about killing or stabbing with scissors; portends some life-changing events that relate to separation or severance might be near. The dream suggests some type of relationship break up like divorce, or mass lay off. This will impact your life significantly and negatively. It points to decision actions that are out of your control and not in your best interest.

Cutting Your Stomach or Thigh with Scissors
To dream that you are cutting stomach or thigh with scissors, indicates that you might be overdoing your diet or exercise. Perhaps you are pushing and endangering your body for the purpose of weight loss.

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