Screw Dream Meaning

Did you dream about screws? They relate to some type of security and keeping things in place. Certain small details or people are holding everything in your life together. Consider how you are using the screws in the dream.

Dream About Hammering a Screw
To dream that you are using hammers on a screw; suggests that you might be forcing a situation. Perhaps you are pushing forward with a decision that is not optimal. You will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Dream About Pulling Screws
To dream that you are pulling screws by force with pliers, indicates that you are not really listening or trying to understand others. You will soon force people to do things your way.

Dream About Loose Screws
Loose screws in the dream points to unfinalized feelings or tasks. You have many little things that you need to do. Take the time to complete the loose ends so you have no regrets.

Dream About Troubles with Screws
To dream that you have troubles with using screws tools; suggests that you are being taken advantage of. You are messing things up in some way that can jeopardize the security of your life.

Dream About Unscrewing Screws
To dream that you are unscrewing screws; foretells that you will soon experience some change. This change will alter the balance of your life.

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