Shell Dream Meaning – Top 15 Dreams About Shells

Did you dream about shells? Shell in a dream represents security and protection. You are hiding your true or real feelings. Consider what type of shells in the dream or what you are doing with the shells to get better interpretations. Below we will note the most common dreams for shells.

Table of Content

Dream About Actions with Shells

Dream About Collecting Shells
Collecting shells in the dream indicates that you will see great treasure where other people see trash. Consider recycling dreams where you see the best in people. You see the beauty of everything in waking life.

Dream About Breaking Shells
Breaking through different shells in the dream, suggests that you are breaking through other’s vulnerability and sensibility.

Dream About Picking Up Single Shells
To pick up shells along the beach shoreline, foretells a journey on the sea. You will enjoy a process of soul searching with a vacation near the ocean.

Dream About Being Inside a Shell
Dreaming that you are living inside a shell; it indicates that you are setting up a strong defense mechanism to protect yourself. It is like a moat blocking out those who might hurt you. You are afraid to let yourself be emotionally vulnerable and available to others.

Dream About Objects with Shells

Shell Necklace
To dream about shell necklace, symbolizes a success in your financial and love affairs. You will be able to make connection of many previous experiences to form a wholesome view. Every journey make up who you are. Remember all of the individual stories that they might represent.

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