Sink Dream Meaning – Top 17 Dreams About Sink

Did you dream about the sink? Sink in dreams represents the ability to remove and control your feelings and emotions. You have found a way to finish certain aspects of your life. You are cleansing yourself of certain ideas, feelings, and situations so that you could renew your plans and start fresh. Consider how and where you are using the sink in the dream to get the best dream meanings.

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Dream About Using the Sink

Washing and Cleaning Sink
To dream that you are washing and cleaning your sink; suggests that you are regaining control of a situation that has gone out of control. Perhaps you have been lazy and let the previous mess or negative thoughts affect your ongoing life. The dream symbolizes that you wish for a refreshing start out of a troubling relationship.

Draining Sink
To dream about water draining from the sink, indicates that a challenging time has passed. You will be able to move forward and take on any upcoming emotional issues. You will not bottle up all the negativity and let them pile up until something breaks. The dream suggests that you must rely on some type of outlet to vent your frustrations and hard feelings.

Repairing or Installing New Sink
To repair or install a new sink in the dream; indicates that you want to try to keep your family together. You are nurturing your family and loved ones emotionally and physically. Consider being more personal and interactive in your family dealings. Be open to suggestions that have the big potential to improve your social dynamic.

Dream About Problems with Sinks

Overflowing Flooded Sink
To see the overflowing and flooded sink; portends that there are too many things going on at the moment in your life. You are taking away more than you could handle because you are overachieving and trying to multitask. Something is about to go wrong and make everything much worse. Be aware if you are unable to finish tasks from start to finish.

Object Falling Into Sink Drain
To see an object falling into the drain of the sink; reflects the sinking or drowning of the object that they relate to. For example, a wedding ring falling into the sink might indicate that your marriage is failing and sinking emotionally.

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