Sting Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Sting

Did you dream about stings or being stung? Stings in dreams represent hurtful action or a remark that leaves long-lasting hard feelings. Someone is leaving you with some “stinging remarks”. You might not feel it when you first hear the comments. But the pain is making an impression in your subconsciousness.

Table of Content

Dream About Stinged Body Parts

Dream About Sting Foot
To see something stinging your foot and you becoming unable to walk. It suggests that someone has hurt your ego and inability to move forward. You feel pain every time you try to mobilize yourself towards certain actions. Consider getting support from elsewhere like canes and crutches moving forward. Look out for people who have hurt you.

Dream About Sting Finger or Hand
To have your fingers or hand stinged, it forewarns that you will endure something unpleasant while working on a project. People or your customers will push back harshly. Consider putting on personal protective gear like gloves and respect others. Prepare mentally ahead of time for the type of personal attacks you will receive.

Dream About Sting Face
Have your face stinged in the dream; it forewarns that other people will deliberately hurt your image through harsh words. Watch out for gossip and personal attacks that will sting.

Dream About Types of Stings

Dream About Bee Sting
Being stung by a bee in the dream indicates that you have been wronged. People’s stinging remarks are hurting you perhaps. 

Dream About Jellyfish Sting
Jellyfish sting in the dream points to aggressive nature. Someone is being protective of his or her own nature. He or she has inner fear that other people will try to take advantage of them.

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