Strawberry Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Strawberry

Did you dream about strawberries? To dream of strawberries usually relate to sensual opportunities and advancements that may lead to foreseeable pleasure. During your strawberry-related dream, try to focus on the taste and condition of the strawberry. The actions that you are doing with the strawberry to get the best interpretation. Below we will go over some of the most popular dreams featuring strawberries berry as a dream symbol.

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Dream About Strawberry Related Actions

Dream About Strawberry Picking
Strawberry picking in dreams suggests that you will obtain some long wished-for objects or relationships. Perhaps you have been wooing or going after a specific relationship. And the dream suggests that you may see some positive effects that fulfill your sensual desires.

Dream About Eating Strawberry
Eating juicy and sweet strawberries denotes requited love. However, a sour and dry strawberry suggests that your love will be not be appreciated and ignored.

Dream About Throwing Away Strawberry
Throwing away a rotten or spoiled strawberry suggests a love relationship that is unhealthy with strife, jealousy, and quarrels. Perhaps the relationship was sweet and loving at one point. Your mind now sees the rotten relationship that needs to be thrown away or fixed somehow.

Dream About Selling and Buying Strawberry
Trading in strawberry by either buying or selling them in stores or supermarket; suggest that are you ready to embark on a sensual journey and starting a new love life of your own.

Dream About Strawberry Plants

Dream About Strawberry Fields
Dreams of strawberry fields full of ripe strawberries for picking denote the vast opportunities you have with your love life. It can sometimes lead to affairs and infidelity that you may watch out for. If the strawberry field is barren without strawberries, it can represent that the timing is not ready for you to seek a romantic relationship.

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