String Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Strings

Did you dream about strings? Strings in the dream relate to joining, binding, controlling, and cohesion. You will be involved in certain projects, situations, or relationships in one way or another. If something is only being held together by a string or thread, it points to difficult times ahead. You have the chance of losing everything if things do not go your way. Consider the types of strings and how you are using it to get better dream interpretations.

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Dream About Actions with Strings

Cutting Strings
To see yourself cutting strings with scissors or knives; suggests that you are cutting ties with others. You no longer want to hold a situation or relationship together. It could also suggest that you want to try different things. You are freeing yourself from what has tied you down.

Untangling Strings
Untangling knotted strings in the dream point to certain puzzles or mess of life. You are confused about why you feel or act in a certain way. Straighten out some issues in your waking life so you can get a clear mindset. Do not let the chaos and confusion intimate you.

Hanging Strings
To see yourself hanging items from the ceiling with strings in the dream; suggests that you will need to trust others. Putting faith in other people against an outside force. Count on others to carry their own weight.

Pulling Strings
Dreaming about pulling strings on items or puppets; indicates that you will use your position and leverage. You will “pull the strings” to get what you want.

Tying Strings
Tying strings into knots in the dream; indicates that there is something you have forgotten. Try to remember so that you cover your bases. Find that loose end and close the loop.

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