Train and Railroad Dream Meaning

Passenger Trains: People Around You

A passenger train can reflect that you wish to connect with others, or that you may feel disconnected from others. Think about what type of people are riding with you. Do they have any noticeable characteristics that stand out?

Pay attention to how you feel in the dream – do you feel good about riding with other people or do you feel overwhelmed or crowded? Sometimes people appear in our dreams as a symbol of an aspect of ourselves.

Dreaming of Commuting to work by Subway or Train:

Many people travel by rail to get to work, especially in cities or if they need to travel for business.

If there are any other themes in the dream that relate to working at a job or traveling in a city, it could mean you are considering possible new business ventures.

See related dream symbols: Dreaming of Workplaces and City Dream Interpretation.

Toy Trains:

toy trains in dreams

Another thing to consider is many people also enjoy miniature railroads and model trains as a personal hobby.

We often associate these miniature railroad displays with the holidays, because many people have a tradition of putting a small toy train around their Christmas tree.

To see a toy train in a dream can signify that you might not be taking a very important issue very seriously.

Sometimes, depending on the context of the dream, it can mean that you feel as if others are not respecting you or giving you the credit you deserve.

You might feel like they do not view you as an authority or you may even feel powerless in a situation.

Another possibility is that certain types of toys or miniature railroads may be a symbol for a person you once knew or nostalgic feelings of the past.

For example, I cannot even think of trains without thinking of my uncles who absolutely loved everything about them. As a kid, we often played with toys and would build tracks all around the house.

Waiting at a Train Station

Dreaming of a train station can be a symbol of transformation and waiting. You may be in a place of uncertainty, or you may be wondering what the future may hold. You may be feeling like you are running out of time to make a decision.

Dream Symbol of Cargo Trains

A cargo train is a special type of train which normally transports goods and materials. This can sometimes mean boxcars full of packages, or it can mean oil tank cars on the tracks. 

One thing to consider is whether this symbol in the dream might represent anything you are carrying with you. For example, packages in a boxcar could represent different thoughts, feelings, or memories you have. 

To understand what the cargo might represent for you, it is helpful to ask yourself what the track might represent. Does the track symbolize a longing to connect with someone or something? Is the track a symbol for your current journey in life?

Double Meanings, Literal Sayings, Idioms and Phrases

Sometimes when we dream of an object, it can actually mean another definition for the word.

For example, training can be something to teach someone new skills. We might train our dog to catch a ball or sit, stay and roll over.

If you ever started a new job, you likely had to spend some time training to learn the way the company works.

This is a literal play on words, where we are seeing a train in our dream because we are experience some form of train-ing in our life. 

This is just one example of a meaning. We even see the word train used to describe birds and fashion!

This might be used as a word to describe the long feathery tail of a tropical bird. It could even be used as a word to describe the long piece of fabric that trails behind in formal dresses and wedding dresses in dreams.

Here are a couple of other ways we might encounter these words in life and what they mean – sometimes our dreams can be quite cryptic when you think of the way our brain makes different associations.

Gravy Train:

This is the name of a dog food brand, but also means a way of making a lot of money without a lot of effort and making it for a long period of time.

If you are dreaming of eating gravy or traveling through a river of gravy, this could mean that you are looking for ways to increase your income without working harder.

You may wish to find some sort of stable and steady revenue source for your business that is dependable and will sustain for a long period of time.

Missed the Train:

This is an expression that is often used in reference to missing opportunities. If you miss your ride, you will not be able to get to your destination.

We often hear this expression when we are late for something or we are not able to complete our goals. 

Train of Thought: 

Ever forget what you are thinking about? This is sometimes referred to a train of thought, because we often tend to link a lot of different thoughts together in one related way. If you get distracted, you might say, I’ve lost my train of thought.

Lucid Dreaming With Trains

If you ever wanted to try lucid dreaming, trains can actually be a great visualization tool to help you learn how to induce lucid dreams. Try this exercise:

Lay down, close your eyes and take a few relaxing and calming deep breaths. Imagine yourself boarding a beautiful train in a peaceful and relaxing setting. As you sit down on the seat of the train, look out the window at all of the different places you pass.

For example, you may see a meadow, or a beautiful city, or the coast line, or even a beautiful mountain scene.

You are the dreamer and the person imagining what to visualize – so you get to see anything you ever wanted to see.

In dreams, the rules of physical boundaries do not apply, so you could even ride the train into outer space and visit a new planet if you wanted to!

This is a great way to practice your creative skills for lucid dreaming, because soon you will learn how to drift off to sleep and visit any place you can think of.

What is your dream interpretation of trains? Do you have a dream about trains you would like to share? Your thoughts and experiences on what it means to dream about the meaning of a train are always welcome in the comments section below!

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