Truck Dream Meaning – Top 36 Dreams About Trucks

Did you dream about trucks? Trucks in your dreams typically refer to the tasks and responsibilities that you have to carry. Thus, the dream suggests that you have properly equipped yourself to handle whatever life throws at you. Below we will list more common truck-related dreams’ meanings and interpretations based on their contexts and situations.

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Dream About Truck Problems

Dream About Truck Crash or Truck Accident
To see a truck crash or accident is an omen that your overloaded responsibilities may result in certain conflicts in your life. You may experience collisions with your work and other life’s responsibilities.

Dream About Truck Explosion
To see truck explosions foretells that your work and career are in danger of blowing up. It may be due to recklessness or unexpected events that will cause your work to come to a complete stop.

Dream About Hit by a Truck
To see a truck hitting you in the dream; is a sign that you will get in the way of someone’s work or career path. Be aware of others at your work or organization. You might be intentionally brought down if you are not careful about where you stand.

Dream About Different Types of Trucks

Delivery Trucks

Dream About Transport Semi Truck or Trailer Truck
Dreaming about a big transport semi-trailer truck; is a sign that you feel that you are pulling more than your own weight. You have size, largeness, and power; however, at the same time, you will be burdened by your responsibility. You feel that others are forcing you to act or do a certain way because of the weight and size.

Dream About UPS or FedEx Delivery Truck
Dreaming about delivery trucks from UPS or FedEx; is a sign that someone will give you some opportunity or tools that have been destined to be yours. Be aware of your surroundings and be receptive to the clues. So that you will not miss and lose out on the packages that belong to you. There might be people who look to take your chances and your packages. Be more careful or mindful about your possessions.

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