Vehicle Dream Meaning

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vehicle dream meaningWhether it is a car, truck, bus, boat, train or plane, vehicles most often represent the level of control you feel you have in specific areas of your waking life.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Vehicle?

If you are the one operating the vehicle: This is a strong indicator that you feel in control.

 If someone else is operating the vehicle: This could indicate your need for a break in responsibility by allowing someone else to “take the wheel” for a while.

If you feel unsafe while you or another person is operating the vehicle:  This indicates that you feel you are lacking control in waking life.

 If the vehicle crashes: This indicates that you may feel you are on the wrong path and must start over in some area of your waking life. This could also indicate the end to something in waking life and that a new chapter in your life will begin soon.

Types of Vehicles in Our Dreams

Learning about the different types of vehicles and what they might symbolize can be very useful for us to better understand what our dreams mean.

Airplane: Moving quickly, dynamic

Boat: Trying to control your feelings and emotions. See Boat Dream Meaning for more details.

Car: Driving, being in control

Bus: Feeling powerless over others, craving connection with others

Truck: Having power or being heavily influenced

Wagon: Feelings from the past, feeling powerless

Bicycle: Working hard to achieve a result

Roller Skates: Being creative to get where you want to be in life

Other Things to Consider When Interpreting Your Dream:

Was there water in the dream? Water is often associated with feelings and emotions. See water dream meaning to learn more.

Did you have power or energy while driving? Did you dream about putting fuel in a vehicle?

Were there any road signs? Sometimes road signs can be quite literally signs for us to pay attention to in our dreams! See stop sign dream meaning for more details.

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