What Does It Mean To Dream About A Dentist?


Anyone who dreams about a dentist at the hours of darkness in any reasonable situation is receiving a message from their subconscious that someone who cares about them will come to their aid when they need it the most.

The figure of the dentist may be a problem that we suffer from, which may remind us of a memory that has traumatized us. Something more relevant to reality could indicate an examination that we must support, perhaps by the dentist himself.


  • Dreaming of a dentist symbolizes thinking of a devotee who helps us if we’ve got problems. He assumes the function of a doctor who heals our teeth. Within the world of dreams, he tells us that there’s something that we must resolve.
  • This figure then heals the issues related to the teeth and what they symbolize. Tooth pain is said to relate to one’s health and mood. It’s also interpreted as someone who takes care of people for a living.
  • In dreams, the teeth symbolize the force of life. If they’re healthy then everything about us will be healthy, both mental and physical. If instead, the teeth are diseased, they indicate that we are in need of attention.
  • If you dream of the dentist despite not having a direct appointment to visit them, the unconscious mind wants us to face matters soon and be prepared at the time of the particular visit.


  1. If we are inside the dentist’s office, this symbolizes that we feel we’ve got problems or that we’d like treatment because we don’t feel well. This could happen if our mood isn’t at the best level

    , and that we are going through a difficult period of time. Hence, the dentist is a symbol of rest, an invitation to relax and obtain peace.

  2. Dreaming of the dental clinic, reflects the present state of mind, a suggestion to reflect and deepen some things in our lives that we have left pending. If you’re in a difficult period, you must analyze everything and make a proper decision.
  3. Going to the dentist symbolizes that you simply feel that you need help from someone. If in your dream you like it that you have a severe toothache, it is because you have problems that are related to yourself. All this is true if you don’t have a physical problem.
  4. Dreaming of broken teeth symbolizes our energy of failing. This implies that we are very weak and wish to regain strength. The presence of the dentist who heals us may be a positive sign because we’ve found a figure that comforts us and helps us recover.
  5. Dreaming about the dentist removing teeth represents something that disturbed us and interfered with our plans. The extraction by the dentist is seen as a liberation. In another situation, this could even be a symbol of a small sacrifice that we must make to attain a change in our lives. The tooth may be that facet of our character that we absolutely must change or eliminate. However, if we dream that all of our teeth are removed, it could indicate the loss of virility or loss of energy, thus an instance that has completely exhausted us.


According to the Cabala or the grimace, the numbers to play the lottery which is common to the figure of the dentist are 15, 6 (extraction of a tooth), and 51 (going to the dentist).

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