What Does it Mean to Dream About Abroad?


Have you ever fantasized about visiting different places or living abroad? It usually concerns a new perspective or outlook on life. Maybe you’re looking at the problem from different angles and have different lives. The dream is about new challenges and the capacity to approach problems from fresh perspectives. Perhaps you’ve discovered that what you’ve always known and lived by is no longer sufficient. You want to satiate your curiosity about the rest of the world.

Dream about going or traveling abroad for a vacation

You dream of seeing foreign places; perhaps this relates to your dream taking you somewhere far off or distant. In reality, it is being distant from what you know and are comfortable with.

If you dream about going on an excursion traveling abroad, it means that some good fortune is coming your way. Look at the dream as an adventure, free of restrictions. Try to do things differently for once in your life. This dream means positive changes are ahead of you! Perhaps someone close tells you, no, but the dream is encouraging and being optimistic about your future outlook on life deep down inside. However, if everything goes wrong during the trip, do not be surprised as this suggests upcoming financial loss.

Dream about being lost abroad

You dream of being lost abroad, and this is a warning that you will soon be experiencing a time where your dreams are left unfulfilled. The confusion, learning period, or fear of change may stem from new surroundings such as school or work, indicating an upcoming transition in life for you.

Dream about living and being abroad, showing that you have a desire to live outside of your current area and travel

in hopes of seeking adventure or fulfillment. This shows that you are feeling stagnant with life and wish for a change.

Dream about visiting abroad

Visiting family or friends abroad in your dreams symbolizes a need to seek out different opinions. Approaching ideas and opinions from the point of view that they are wrong can make you grow as an individual, which will help with life’s outlook on things.

Dream about flying abroad

Your dream about flying abroad could also be you escaping your problems or just avoiding them. If you dream of flying a plane, that shows how hard it is to make a decision and take on the responsibilities associated with it. This dream can cause stress in real life if you do not find a solution to whatever problem or situation in the dream.

Dream about marrying abroad 

It could mean you wish to marry someone who is foreign or dream about marrying abroad, which can also be a dream for wealth. In the dream, if they are foreign, it shows that you are looking for adventure and thrills in your life. Suppose you dream about people being jealous of you for going abroad with money. In that case, this dream suggests that your partner will never trust you again because of some past indiscretion.

Dream about moving to study or work abroad

A dream about moving abroad for study or work is a dream of success and happiness. You will find people very friendly and open towards you in your dream. Dream about having to move out of your current place. The dream shows that there is something or someone who is creating problems for you at home or in the environment you live in, thereby leading you outside your house. This dream also brings good news and shows great progress in terms of education, business, and career.

Dream about vacationing abroad 

If you dream about going on an excursion traveling abroad, it means that some good fortune is coming your way. However, if everything goes wrong during the trip, then do not be surprised as this suggests upcoming financial loss.

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