What Does It Mean To Dream About Angels?


Angels are messengers of God. They protect us, guide us, or do other heavenly tasks.

The critical part of angel dreams is translating the message within supported what’s currently happening in our spiritual and physical lives.

The message will be a shared joy of something divine that went on, a blessing of fine things to come back, or a warning of something we must steel ourselves against.

Interpreting our dream about angels

To interpret our dream, we wish to pay special attention to angels.

What were the angels wearing? What’s the color and texture of its wings?
What were the angels wearing?
Is there one angel or multiple angels?
Are our dream angels male or female?

What did the angels have?

The items that the angels hold or continue their person symbolize a part of the dream. We must carefully analyze each object and explore what each of them symbolizes, likewise as everyone means.

Some things like weapons, knives, truncheons, etc … are signs that some disturbance is also happening to our soul.

Male or female angels

Femininity is related to the symbol of Venus, which captures love, beauty, prosperity, and fertility.
Masculinity is related to the symbol of Mars, which captures warfare, savagery, guardianship, and masculinity.

The masculinity or femininity of angels in our dreams is additionally a part of the message they carry.

Are your dream angels male or female?

Actions, expressions, and therefore the environment

  • An expression of calm indicates that we may have some protection against noise and daily activity.
  • Lastly, the gestures of those angels are essential. What did their faces convey, and how did we feel about them?
  • An expression of calm indicates that we are trying to find some peace.
  • Nowadays, our life is often complicated, and we might have some protection from our noise and daily activity. We could also be searching for an area of peace, time for ourselves, and spiritually calm.

  • A happy expression indicates that we feel confident in our present and future. We’ll receive excellent news or success.
    A sad expression suggests future challenges and possibly pain. However, we have an angel watching over us, the o in the end, we’ll p, prevail.
  • If he’s angry, it’s the symbolism of error, evil, or sin. We’ve to admit our mistakes, make amends, and improve subsequent times.
  • Actions may also indicate the immediacy of the message, precisely, if we’d like to attend to that very soon, sometime within the near future, or NOW!

Are the angels in dreams real?

Studies show that an outsized percentage of USA citizens believe in angels.

A 2008 survey by the Baylor University Institute for Religious Studies shows that 55% of the 1,700 respondents believe they were protected against harm by an angel.
Up to twenty describe encounters with a heavenly or demonic being.

However, some argue that the dreams and visitations of angels are the results of our psyche only. Furthermore, they propose that visits that occur during the day may result from an apparent dream. It could even be the result of a hallucination or a trance.

Are angels real?

As with all things spiritual, that’s ultimately difficult to prove or disprove. Belief in angels, I think, could be a very personal thing.

However, if, through belief, we gain hope, comfort, and spiritual strength, then isn’t that the very purpose of an angelic guide and protector? And if so, then perhaps angels exist within us, if we dare to determine.

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