What Does It Mean to Dream About Being Chased, Robbed Or Killed?


Dreaming of being chased, robbed, or killed belongs to it the outstanding category of dreams that sooner or later we all have, to the purpose that they’re considered among the foremost common and frequent. Looking at how the case begins, progresses, and ends, the dream acquires a unique connotation and reaches as many interpretations as possible, not always and not necessarily for the meaning and the darkness and, therefore, the negative.

Dreaming of being persecuted: meaning and interpretation

Frequent in childhood, the dream of being persecuted often represents our “demons” that we don’t want to induce caught.

When the flight is connected to a state of pure anxiety, anguish, or terror, then the interpretation that has to be to the act of running will be traced to unpleasant situations or emotions that we don’t want to face on a day-to-day basis, from which we fear reactions or consequences, or that we fear they will not make us feel good.

But another state of mind associated with the dream of being chased is additionally frequent. When fear is added to attraction towards the figure behind us, we feel close. We try and eliminate it without success, or rather hamper the race so that we get caught.

Often these varieties of dreams end with capture by the pursuer. It’s a critical signal our brain sends us: we are deed from something that we must always be facing, and it’s time to prevent. Our unconscious expresses the necessity to require actual head-on to succeed in an answer.

Dreaming of being robbed – what does that mean?

Dreaming of being robbed lends itself to multiple interpretations betting on the context. Usually, dreaming of somebody who steals something that belongs to us is directly associated with our possessions, image, or powers.

When the theft takes place during a public context, this is often critical to understanding what precisely the dream is about. In the real world, we ??may have suffered an evil that has led us to lose a fabric object, which has publicly tarnished our reputation, or made us lose the facility of decision, prestige, and consideration.

When the context becomes private, and maybe the environment is nocturnal, the dream of being robbed is usually linked to unsatisfied sexual urges; furthermore, the interpretation becomes valid when the thief is armed with knives, pistols, or other weapons harking back to phallic symbols.

Dreaming of being killed: a way to interpret it

The act of dreaming of being killed, contrary to what one might think, doesn’t necessarily have a negative connotation. Often death in a very dream is synonymous with the will or need for change as if to constitute a form of rite of passage where the old “me” must settle to the new, where life imposes a change more or less accepted by ourselves.

In this case, we will feel intense physical pain during the dream activity, which might be interpreted as fear of accepting the new advance or maybe the need to not. In other cases, the dream of being assassinated is in the course of an almost serenity to face things, as if it were trying to welcome with satisfaction the change that we are getting ready to face.

Dreaming of being chased, robbed, murdered: numbers to play the lottery

The number of playing within the lottery once we dream

of being chased is 61, while for theft, we will play 46. Again, after we dream of being robbed and that we can see – and remember – the stolen object, we will play the quantity 13 to the theft of a handbag, bag, or similar, the 77 for the theft of the wallet and therefore the 46 for more significant and ponderous objects, like the car. Once we dream of death, we can play with the quantity 21.

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