What Does it Mean to Dream About Defecating?


While dreaming about defecating, it is not always clear that you are interpreting the meaning as words appear to be. In reality, this scenario varies based on the situation and what was dreamt.

When you dream of defecating on someone, it means that your feelings towards them are negative and hostile in real life. This could be due to a lot of reasons. Still, the interpretation is always the same for any specific case scenario.

In your dream, you defecate in a public place, and it represents selfishness. You only care about yourself and will go to any length for self-interest, even if that means going against the interests of others.

It seems like you’re not even worth sh*t to your friends. They don’t care about what you are feeling or the current state of things – all they see is how crappy everything makes them feel because it reflects poorly on themselves. This causes a lot of depression and stress for long periods, almost certainly leading to some mental illness. You might be willing to start a new chapter in your life.

Defecating in public places suggests selfishness about the work at hand. It might also indicate that you want to rid yourself of all the wrong things, emotions, and guilt inside you by changing your lifestyle habits.

If you dream of defecating, it means that you’re ready to let go and start fresh. It can also signal a willingness to resolve conflict with friends or family members.

Detailed dream interpretation

Dreams about defecating symbolize the desire for a fresh start. You want to rid yourself of all past issues and move forward with your life in an entirely new way.

In our dreams, defecating may represent letting go of past experiences. Good or bad decisions made in the past can be reflected by how comfortable you are with your bowel movement. If it’s easy and painless to get rid of waste, it could mean that moving forward will be a more straightforward process than previously believed. However, if there is a struggle involved when getting rid of feces, then maybe making a new start won’t come as quickly as one would like to believe.

Dreams can be very abstract. Dreams about defecating might make you feel uneasy, guilty, and worthless – they may leave you feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled.

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