What Does It Mean To Dream About Mom?


A mother represents the link par excellence, central within the lifetime of each individual, which may be one in all love and help, but also of reproach and judgment. Dreaming of mothers is a picture that has always been closely connected to the land and, therefore, the sea. These are the places where life is born and develops, but at the same time touches and dies. Also, the same polarity is found at the extremes of a great mother and a terrible one.

Mother, where the gifts and limitations of the female are concentrated: fertility, gestation, birth, loving-kindness, which are against possessiveness, judgment, prevarication, tyranny.

Just as in the real world, the mother is often supportive but also an obstacle for her child. So in dreams, she will become an emblem of self-denial and unconditional love, but also guilt and condemnation.

Frequent dreams along with your mother because the protagonist can denote a maternal complex, a type of supremacy even in adulthood. Here, the dream image will take the shape of an outsized spider, bear, or wolf, only to point to the domination exercised by the mother. According to the dreamer’s dependence, it can be his continual rummaging around for approval.

The meaning of mother in dreams

  • The meaning of mother in dreams largely depends on the sort of relationship the dreamer has with his mother, a relationship full of trust or, on the contrary, full of conflict.
  • Therefore, dreaming of a mother can denote the necessity to recover, to “relocate” within themselves the qualities commonly attributed to the present figure, namely love, dedication, and sacrifice. On the contrary, they highlight these qualities since they’re already a part of the lifetime of the dreamer himself.
  • That is why the symbolism of this dream vision becomes more “intimate,” deeper, linked to everyday life experiences, to the critical feelings fed towards the mother herself.

  • If the dreamer has lived with contrasts and fights within the days before the dream, the mother will likely appear in an exceedingly common dream, which can aim to bring order or bring back slightly hidden emotions during the day. In this case, dreaming of the mother will mean dreaming of a significant adult female. Other times it’ll manifest the wants of the inner child, that protection received in the past or still existing.
  • Dreaming of the mother can even represent the 000 qualities, or the 000 defects, that the dreamer cannot “steal” in the standard of living.

Dreaming of mom: the foremost recurring images

After analyzing the symbolism associated with the mother’s dream, consider the original frequent dream images.

  • Dreaming of a smiling mother may be a vision that refers to a mother who is present but not suffocating, capable of being advanced in a discreet way.
  • Dreaming of a bad mother indicates an authoritative adult female, dedicated to command, who failed to allow the dreamer to develop in peace.
  • Dreaming of an angry mother can express remorse, a sense of guilt, for having committed something with which the mother failed to agree. Generally, a dictatorial woman will be the reason behind this dream image.
  • Dreaming of a tragic mother or dreaming of a crying mother are scenarios that recall the displeasure that the dreamer gives to his mother.
  • Dreaming about a sick mother is how the dreamer perceives the one who contains a prominent role within the dream. It’s not an actual illness of the oldsters themselves that highlights the dream

    vision, but rather a sadness or a psychological weakness.

  • Dreaming of a dying mother indicates that for the dreamer, who until then had often depended on his father, the time has come to maneuver on his legs, to search out his way.
  • Dreaming of a deceased mother may be a dream image that lends itself to a double interpretation. It can represent a sort of elaboration of mourning if the loss has been recent, or it can underline the standard of the mother that the dreamer has not fully considered. It can also bring out the necessity to review old disputes and forgive.
  • Dreaming of killing one’s mother highlights the requirement to be independent, autonomous, to differentiate oneself. It’s a recurring vision, especially when the dreamer goes through adolescence.
  • Dreaming of a mother who wants to kill us, despite the high drama of the image, refers to blocked creativity, projects that have to change, a way of responsibility and duty that forestalls being spontaneous. Also, the routine that extinguishes the will to form new experiences.

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