What Does it Mean to Dream About Sons and Daughters?


Children for parents represent the joy of life. A child represents the love, hope, possibilities of a wonderful life, and future of civilization to mothers and fathers.

You fight for your children, you love yourself, you argue and you even die, because nothing can mean more in the day-to-day life of parents than their own children.

Dreaming of a child in general means that we are going to have an important discussion or we are going to have a bad time due to some circumstances that we may not be aware of at the time.


If in your dream you are seeing your child

It means that there is something, that is worrying about him. They announce to him that he is going to suffer problems because of them.

Also, he is facing a problem with his children, that he does not know how to fix.

If you dream that you have a child

When in fact he doesn’t have it, he announces family quarrels.

If in your dream your child becomes a little boy

It augurs a period of happiness for you.

If you dream that you have an illegitimate child

It represents that you will suffer family quarrels.

To dream that your son is handsome and respectful if you have one in real life means that he will meet all your expectations, and your son will fill you with pride and will reach very high levels of success.

Dreaming that your child is impaired in his faculties

Whether it is an illness, lameness, mutilation, or something else…, if your child has some impairment in real life, it means that it will bring you many worries in waking life.

Dreaming of a mother that her child falls

If in a

dream from the top of a stairwell she hears her child’s screams, it is a very bad omen and means that she will suffer much grief, loss, and illness. If she rescues her child, it means that she will be able to dodge danger.

If you dream that you are looking for your child

When you don’t really have children, you represent the masculine part of you that is not yet fully developed. You need to get to know yourself better and bring out the youthful part and the child in you.

In general when dreaming of a child

They represent your ideals, your hopes, and the youthful side of you. On the other hand, seeing your child in a dream may not mean anything, just that you are reflecting on your youthful side and waking up to life. It can mean that your child represents “the sun of your life.”

If you dream that you have a child or that you are going to have a child

To dream that you are pregnant means that in a not too distant moment you are going to indiscriminately discuss some issue that worries you. It can also mean that you are going to lose a person you care about on your side precisely because of a fight.

Dream of a teenage son

It symbolizes that there is some part of your life that you cannot handle and perhaps you have taken on too many responsibilities in your current job and now you are realizing that you cannot handle everything as well as you had imagined.

We must take these types of dreams as advice that they are giving us so as not to make more mistakes.

Dreaming about losing a child

It implies situations of sadness or that you are going to lose someone you love due to a long illness. In this sense, the loss is completely accurate to reality.

If we dream that we want to have a child

It means that we are ready to make important decisions and that we want to take on more responsibilities.

Perhaps you will be promoted to the company where you are or they will leave you in charge of another person who needs you at that time.

Dream of a baby

Dreaming of a baby implies a period of absolute happiness. You will live very emotional moments and have incredible experiences.

Dream about a sick child

It announces the arrival of worries, it is a bad omen.

Dreaming about fighting with your child

It indicates a distance or a sense of alienation between you and your children.

Dreaming that your child falls into the void or suffers an accident

Such a dream indicates that there will be losses, a lot of pain, or illness of a relative. If the mother manages to rescue him in the dream indicates that he will overcome these penalties.

In short, sometimes, dreaming of children is rather a warning to us of the possible challenges that may arise. We must be very aware of the same context of the dream to really know what it wants to tell us.

Go back to childhood when dreaming of a child

Dreaming of them, seeing yourself surrounded by children with a feeling of well-being can signify your desire to go back to childhood and get away from all worries.

Perhaps you are at a time when you have too many responsibilities and you do not see yourself capable of assuming them all.

Leaving aside the worries and restlessness that dreaming about your children can reflect, children always symbolize, even in dreams, hope and innocence and, especially, a commitment to the future.

So dreaming about your children can be interpreted as your most optimistic side and if the children you see in your dreams are healthy to play with and are smiling, it means that a period full of happiness awaits you on a personal and work level in your waking life.

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